Hole and Pole

Hole and Pole is an electromechanical contractor in Saudi Arabia and is an evolving

Establishment that focuses on customer needs and market requirements and is well

known for its well-engineered projects that incorporate the latest technology and

standards of the industry. The Establishment has gained an independent reputation



Hole and Pole Services Spectrum

Hole and Pole  views  that  the  spectrum  of  services  that  is  required  by Intelligent Building Services falls under three main categories as shown in the following diagram:

Hole and Pole chose to cover the two left & right areas of the services spectrum. The product & solution delivery shall be filled by the many specialized vendors in each area of product specialty.

Hole and Pole chose to cover the two left & right areas of the services spectrum. The product & solution delivery shall be filled by the many specialized vendors in each area of product specialty.


Hole and Pole Consulting Services


Consulting services aim at helping project owners, project managers, and designers to:

•      Identify their intelligence requirements for each project according to its unique status.

•      Select the best cost effective solution in each area.

 Supervise implementation and commissioning of various services.

The following services are provided at various phases of the business cycle that
 best starts from the early conceptual design phases:


•      Smart Services & Network Infrastructure Design Check & approval.

•      Preparation of tender documents & recommended needed budget approval.

•      Issuance of tender document and management of tender process.

•      Evaluation of proposals (Technical & Financial) and selection of bid winner.

•      Check and approve draft contract.

•      Contract negotiations with bid winner.

•      Check & approve field work program.

•      Project implementation & contract execution supervision

•       Supervise & approve of project hand over.


Hole and Pole Implementation Services

Operations services aim at helping project owners to:

•      Procure products and/or services 
•      Install, implement and commission products and services.  
•      Provide user training and knowledge transfer.


Implementation services are provided with the following guidelines:

•      Procurement services are optional. Clients may choose to subcontract Hole and Pole to procure and deliver products and services according to the terms & conditions of the tendersOr RFP’s developed during the Consulting services, or seek procurement through third party vendors. In both cases, Hole and Pole shall help client’s secure best commercial terms and conditions.



Installation and commissioning is yet another optional service that can be provided by Hole and Pole. Clients may choose to appoint third party auditors to evaluate Hole and Pole deliverables.


Hole and Pole Operations Services

 Operations services aim at helping project owners to:

•      Efficiently manage the technology infrastructure of the project(s).
•      Provide technically experienced buffer & comfort zone for owners
       to handle the complex nature oftoday’s facility management operations.
•      Improve the profitability of the investment.


One or more of the following services are provided during the project operations phase:

•      Integration of all systems.

•      Remote operations and optimization.
•      Facility & maintenance management around the clock.
•      Energy information and management systems.

•      Continuous comfort monitoring and feedback.
•      Business reporting.
•      Tenant portals.


Hole and Pole Services Unique Capabilities

Hole and Pole is keen to build the optimum setup to deliver the spectrum of intelligent building services. Hole and Pole setup depends on two capabilities that provide Hole and Pole with a very unique position:


Professional Team


Hole and Pole has built the professional, qualified, and dedicated team to cover the various Intelligent Building specialties: 
•      Telecommunications & networking.
•      Voice services, analogue or IP.

•      Security & access control. IP TV and public address services.

•      Building management systems.
•      Control rooms and management.
•      Integration & facility management.




Hole and Pole has taken a bold step to develop new approach, services, and offering for the real estate market. Hole and Pole value chain starts with the early conceptual design phase and does not end with the on-going operational phase. Hole and Pole, throughout all phases of the engagement, act as the trusted advisor for the project owners. In addition, Hole and Pole is enabling its team of professionals to stay at the edge of technology in order to help clients focus on their core business capabilities and improve their bottom line.