Hole and Pole

Hole and Pole is an electromechanical contractor in Saudi Arabia and is an evolving

Establishment that focuses on customer needs and market requirements and is well

known for its well-engineered projects that incorporate the latest technology and

standards of the industry. The Establishment has gained an independent reputation



Hole and Pole Electro Mechanical Works, since its launching Hole and Pole secured and successfully completed several prestigious projects. Hole and Pole has been undertaking many prestigious electromechanical contracts, involving electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, security, fire alarm, fire fighting, sprinkler, MATV, CCTV, telephone, structured cabling and building management systems sectors. Within a short period Hole and Pole has taken the lead in the race of all other prevailing Electro-mechanical companies in the Kingdom.

We design, prepare and interpret all kinds of Industrial, Residential & Commercial Electro-mechanical drawings and schematics. Hole and Pole demonstrates and apply knowledge in Electro-mechanical theory and mathematics in the construction and operation of Electro-mechanical systems

We believe the successful business operation of Hole and Pole built upon the principles of fair dealing and mutual respect we developed through positive relationships with Clients / Customers. Hole and Pole demonstrate technical skills in a variety of Electro-mechanical fields apply accepted safety standards and meet work quality standards.


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